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Walk, bike or telecommute; log your alternative commutes and win prizes

As it has for a number of years, Boise State is once again participating in May in Motion, a program from the Ada County Highway District’s Commuteride program which encourages alternative forms of transportation to and from work.

Employees can log commutes on Share the Ride Idaho or download the Commute Tracker app to participate. Points are earned for alternative commutes which can be redeemed for gift cards from local businesses. Forms of alternative commutes include biking, walking, using public transit or carpooling to work. Those working remotely are also able to participate by logging days when they telework.

Kat Davis, Boise State sustainability coordinator and environmental compliance specialist has been working from home full time since March 2020. She has been using the Share the Ride Idaho app to log her telecommuting as an alternative commute.

“Because I no longer commute, my husband sold his truck and we now share a car,” she said. “I telecommute every day and either walk or bike to a nearby market if I need something throughout the day, logging those as alternative commutes as well.”

Davis has been able to redeem the points she earns for gift cards to restaurants and other retail businesses.

“I have gotten a $10 gift card to Barnes and Nobles every few months,” she said. “That’s a treat for me that helps justify my overflowing collection of books.”

The app has also been useful for Davis to track metrics related to alternative committing such as money saved or carbon emissions reduced by not commuting in a car to work.

“I love data, so this kind of tracker keeps me motivated and excited to choose to walk, bike or carpool whenever I can,” she said.

Additional questions about the May in Motion program can be sent to Christine Boyles, active transportation manager in the Department of Public Safety by emailing