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New publications for Bellinger

Nisha Bellinger, an assistant professor of political science and global studies in the School of Public Service, recently published two pieces.

What’s behind India’s dramatic pandemic surge? Here’s one factor: Too little competition in Parliament appeared in the June 2 edition of the Washington Post’s The Monkey Cage.

Bellinger’s research found that Indian states with several parties in the legislature have better health outcomes than states with two-party systems. Bellinger concluded that in multi-party states, parties have incentives to work together to keep all voters healthier, whereas in two-party states, smaller minority groups are more likely to be overlooked. Especially if neither party needs the support of smaller groups to win office.

Bellinger also published a review of Michelle Jurkovich’s book “Feeding the Hungry: Advocacy and Blame in the Global Fight against Hunger” in a recent edition of the journal Humanities and Social Sciences Online.

Bellinger concludes that “Feeding the Hungry” outlines the challenges international organizations currently encounter, which can help us understand ways in which international activism around hunger can be made more effective.