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Gattiker facilitates Jannus improvement projects

Tom Gattiker

Tom Gattiker, a professor in the Department of Information Technology and Supply Chain Management, volunteered his time to facilitate process improvement projects for nonprofit organization Jannus. Gattiker worked on Jannus Global Gardens and Jannus EO (economic opportunity) emergency loan processes.

The Global Gardens project resulted in improved product flow and inventory management related to Jannus’ Community Supported Agriculture, a wholesale restaurant sales and farmers market programs.

For Jannus EO, he helped prepare them to respond to the financial crisis created by the pandemic, allowing them to create economic opportunity for hundreds of low-income and underserved individuals in our community.

“When it comes to understanding supply chain management and how to increase efficiencies within the workplace, there’s no one better than Boise State University Professor Tom Gattiker,” posted on Jannus EO’s Facebook page recognizing Gattiker as its “Spotlight Volunteer.”

Gattiker enjoys volunteering with Jannus as his values align well with Jannus organizations.

“I have worked with many groups over the years but the EO team is special in terms of talent and problem solving ability – as individuals and as a team,” said Gattiker. “I also love the business model: loanable funds are kind of like nutrients in an ecosystem that nourish one tree and then can be passed on to the next. Global Gardens produces so many benefits for our community, both in terms of helping refugees to become economically self-sufficient and in terms of increasing our food security through local production. I expect them to do great things as they grow.”