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Student artists collaborate with Boise Philharmonic in the Stein Luminary

The performance, SEE THE MUSIC, is a collaboration between Boise State students, The Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary, and musicians from the Boise Phil Youth Orchestra.

SEE THE MUSIC features an original composition, “Playing with Light,” by Boise State music student Allen Skirvin, whose music is visualized with digital art designed and programmed by Boise State student designers in the Gaming, Interactive and Mobile Media (GIMM) program. The Boise Phil Youth Orchestra performed the piece.

GIMM designers: Joey Sacino, Megan Brady, Ethan Mathes, Devon Smallwood, Zach Carpenter, Peter Wright, and Dylan Burry.

Teachers, artists, and mentors who made the collaboration possible included: Lisa Hunt, interim director of The Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary, Karen Doty, an assistant professor in the GIMM program, Eric Alexander, an assistant professor in the Department of Music, and Tracy Sunderland, adjunct faculty and digital stage director.