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Learning lab for the future: Register for REP4’s inaugural convening August 5

A student participates in a 2019 summit held at Grand Valley State University where education, business and community representatives discussed how to transform education models to better serve students. The outcomes from that summit helped define the REP4 design.

Boise State is proud to be one of six institutions to form REP4, a national alliance that aims to change the future of education with learners taking the lead in how the new system should work.

REP4 stands for “Rapid Education Prototyping” and the “4” leads to many evolving elements, currently including: change, learners, community and equity. Learners will be co-designers of education prototypes, and the best ideas will be scaled nationwide through the alliance.

“Students have powerful insights about how to improve their experience and innovate around education,” said Boise State President Marlene Tromp. “Learning from them will help us – and all of higher ed – imagine new ways of moving forward together.”

Boise State joins Grand Valley State University, the organizer and convener of REP4, as well as Amarillo College, Fort Valley State University, San Jose State University and Shippensburg University. Each of the founding partner institutions believes that innovation is needed to establish a new, equitable system to reignite and recreate education as this country knows it. This alliance is joined by Microsoft, the technology partner that recognizes the need for rapid change and has the ability to provide the technological leadership to make it happen.

The Boise State community is encouraged to support the alliance by virtually attending REP4’s National Convening on August 5 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. The annual event will take the best ideas from regional summits, such as Boise State’s virtual pre-summit for teachers, students and university teams from July 22-23, as well as the university’s learner summit for roughly 60 high school students across Idaho July 27-29 at the Student Union Building.

Register here for the National Convening hosted by Grand Valley State. Additional information about REP4 can be found here or via the video below.

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