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Saba, Provant-Robishaw, Camacho and Bohl co-present at 37th Distance Teaching and Learning conference

eCampus faculty development coordinator Anthony Saba, instructional design team manager Corinna Provant-Robishaw, quality assurance coordinators Lizzy Camacho and Courtney Bohl co-presented at the 37th Distance Teaching and Learning conference “Completing the Puzzle: Managing Multiple Stakeholders Across a Course Design and Development Process.”

With online course development distributed across multiple teams (i.e., instructional design, development, faculty), managing these complex projects is becoming more difficult. The team’s ePoster describes the eCampus Center Blueprint, a single document which provides a collaborative space to outline course objectives, plan learning activities and assessments, collect materials and course content, conduct quality assurance reviews, and communicate with various stakeholders throughout the course development process.