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Fall 2021 facilities considerations

As the university looks forward to an increase in face-to-face learning and working for fall 2021, the facilities and operations teams would like to remind the campus community to be aware of the following infrastructure considerations.

These teams are anticipating an increase in work orders and Help Desk requests as classes resume and ask for patience and kindness as they work address requests and other issues as quickly as possible.

Facilities considerations for fall 2021

The following adjustments will be in place for the fall 2021 return to campus. The Operations webpage will be updated should procedures be adapted.


In an effort to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, outside air flow and air exchange rates are maximized as much as possible in all campus buildings, in accordance with building design. While an increase in warmer or cooler outside air limits the HVAC system’s ability to warm or cool a space, it does significantly increase the amount of fresh air entering a building. This means that buildings may be cooler or warmer than our standard setpoint depending on the outside temperatures. Please be prepared for variation and contact if you have issues.

Cleaning overview

  • Whiteboard Markers: Crews will return to the practice of leaving markers in classrooms for use by multiple individuals. If more are needed, please contact
  • Classrooms: Surfaces are disinfected daily plus treated monthly with an antimicrobial barrier by custodial staff. Each classroom will be equipped with a spray bottle of cleaner and towels and disinfecting wipes.
  • Breakrooms: Surfaces are disinfected daily by custodial staff. Supplies will be provided so users can clean surfaces or touch points before and after use.
  • Common Areas/Conference Rooms/Study Rooms: Furniture and surfaces are disinfected daily and an antimicrobial barrier is applied monthly. Additionally, spray bottles with cleaner and paper towels will be available for users. Please look for spray bottles near paper towel dispensers in break rooms and in common areas. If a spray bottle can’t be found or if supplies are running low, please contact
  • Restrooms / Locker Rooms / Showers: High touch surfaces are disinfected multiple times per day and a deep cleaning is performed nightly. Restrooms are treated with an antimicrobial barrier weekly.
  • Personal Offices: The spray bottles and cleaner provided in break rooms should be used to clean office surfaces. Personal offices will be serviced by custodians. If office occupants prefer to opt-out of custodial services, please send a request to
  • Public Computers/Electronics: Signage near electronics will help users understand the best way to clean equipment before use. Supplies will be provided.
  • Auxiliaries (Housing/Rec Center/Extra Mile Arena/Morrison Center/Athletics/SUB): All campus auxiliaries have adopted these same standard protocols related to cleaning, disinfecting and ventilation. Additional instructions necessary for specialized spaces or populations will be provided directly or on-site.

Trash and Recycling

All recycling receptacles found in personal offices should be emptied by the occupant into larger, central receptacles found in break rooms and common areas. Trash in personal offices will be emptied by custodians. If office occupants prefer to opt-out or have questions contact Facilities at

Personal Hygiene

Hand sanitizer stations will be available at building entrances and near water filling stations and restrooms.

Students, faculty and staff may also use centrally located spray bottles and towels to clean classrooms, office areas, break rooms and kitchen areas.

For help finding cleaning materials or for a refill, please contact Facilities by text 208-866-6825, phone 426-1409, or email

Water Fountains

Water fountains have been converted to bottle filling stations only wherever possible. Fountains without the capacity to become filling stations will be turned off. The locations of all filling stations are available on the interactive campus map.

Building Access / Hours

Access to campus buildings will be restricted to students, faculty and staff with a valid Bronco Card. Guests, contractors and vendors who have been approved to be on campus will receive instructions for accessing campus buildings from their university contacts.

Once the fall semester is underway, all academic buildings will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can be accessed without having to scan a card. Access to all buildings from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. will be restricted to users who have been authorized to enter specific buildings after normal business hours.

On Saturdays, academic buildings can only be accessed with a Bronco Card between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Most buildings, with a few exceptions such as the Student Union Building (SUB), Recreation Center (REC) and Albertsons Library, are closed on Sundays.


Each Department has the ability to manage how they want mail delivery handled directly with Central Postal and Print Services. To adjust arrangements, please contact Bryan Howard with Postal and Print Services at or (208) 322-1951.

General Project Work

University crews are experiencing significant price increases and running into supply issues for items like paint, concrete and general building materials. Please consider alternative approaches as much as possible before submitting a request for renovations.

Bringing Computers Back to Work

Contact the Help Desk for assistance connecting your computer and peripherals if you are bringing your computer back to the office.

Software Updates

Office computers may require several software updates if they have been off for an extended period. Be sure to allow time for these updates to download and install.


Unforward campus phones if needed


Supply Restock / Service Requests / General Cleaning / Disinfecting / Trash Collection / Ventilation
Text to 208-866-6825
Call 208-426-1409

Building Access / Security: