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Blue Turf Thinking at Boise State

Boise State’s famous Blue Turf is the driving force for a new brand platform and upcoming marketing campaign.

Boise State President Marlene Tromp spoke about the mindset of Blue Turf Thinking during the State of the University address.

“It’s fundamental to who we are,” Tromp told the audience. “We are a place where Blue Turf symbolizes almost indefinable characteristics. We are innovators, we think outside the box, we challenge what people know and understand.”

The brand platform will draw attention to Boise State’s innovation, research strengths, academics and creativity by leveraging the national brand recognition of the Blue Turf.

As with all of our branding at Boise State, the narrative, graphics and visuals will align with a consistent style. The platform will be anchored by the graphics Boldy Blue. Proudly Innovating. The wordmark or tagline This is Blue Turf Thinking will be reserved for specific experiences, academics and programming that meet the criteria for innovation.

The Office of Communications and Marketing is leading the effort to launch the platform and marketing campaign during the upcoming academic year. Brand guidelines and the criteria for how we use This is Blue Turf Thinking as a tagline will be available on the brand standards webpages.

If you have questions about the new brand platform in development please send an email to

Boldly Blue. Proudly Innovating Video

Closed captions and video transcript available after the video.

Video Transcript

(upbeat music)

[Kelly Myers, Director, Bronco Gap Year] We have a unique mindset here.

Boldly Blue. Proudly Innovating

[Camille Stover, Program Director, Respiratory Care] A mindset that helps us blaze new trails.

[Anthony Ellertson, Director GIMM] It propels us forward.

[David Estrada, Associate Director Center for Advanced Energy Studies] And it changes lives.

[Kelly Myers] So you…

[Camille Stover] So you…

[Clara Adams, Honors College Student] So we can change the world.

This is Blue Turf Thinking.