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OIT enables automatic captioning for new Panopto videos

The Office of Information Technology recently enabled automatic captioning for all new Panopto videos.

Video captions assist people with different abilities to understand time-based media content, as well as enhance usability for people who are unable to listen to audio due to their surrounding environment.

Boise State’s Panopto service creates automatic captions for all new videos recorded after July 27, 2021. Instructors should edit automatic captions to apply them to videos.

Note that the reliability of machine-generated captions depends on factors, including the quality of the recorded audio, enunciation and dialect of speakers, use of jargon and acronyms, etc. We strongly advise instructors to review and edit machine-generated captions for accuracy.

Visit the Learning and Technology Solutions knowledge base for instructions on how to review and edit captions.

If you need to reprocess machine-generated captions or have additional questions about Panopto captioning, please contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or email