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Human Resources launches revised People Strategy and org chart; cancels Fireside Chats

Human Resource Services has published a revised People Strategy. Driven by the Boise State Strategic Plan, the People Strategy is about creating an environment for, and a relationship with our employees that develops and enhances their capabilities to further the university’s mission and vision, the human resources website says.

The People Strategy is comprised of eight elements:

  1. The employee experience
  2. Strong leadership
  3. Focus on employee engagement
  4. Prioritize learning and development
  5. Advancement opportunities
  6. Provide an inclusive environment
  7. Employee feedback
  8. Health and wellbeing

Human Resources has also updated its organizational chart to better align with the events of the revised people strategy. More details are available on their website.

Finally, the weekly Fireside Chats will be cancelled to focus on new priorities that directly impact the people strategy. A forum for employee feedback and engagement is vital to a successful people strategy, so additional avenues for internal communications will be forthcoming, said Catherine Weitz, associate vice president of human resources.