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Student Union Building gallery features work by alumna Luma Jasim

Image Credits: Alvaro Saavedra, Long Term Vision, 2017, mixed media on canvas

Alumna Luma Jasim returns to Boise State to install Long Term Vison, on display now through Oct. 3 in the Student Union Building Fine Arts Gallery.

The show is a reconstruction of memories, traumas, and thoughts on displacement, belonging, and strangeness displayed in a collage of large-scale canvases of fragmented visions represented by imaginative figures and Mesopotamian symbols. This project examines the complicated and layered experience of refugees, who, due to war, conflict, and violence are forced or choose to flee their home countries.

As an Iraqi-American artist, Jasim asks the audience to consider: where can home be when we move abroad? What are the consequences of leaving and staying?

The exhibition will also be documented digitally on the Fine Arts website.