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Basque Studies faculty present at conference on diasporas

Faculty from the Basque Studies program, Nere Lete, Ziortza Gandarias Beldarrain, John Bieter, John Ysursa, and Meggan Laxalt Mackey presented at the Association of European Migration Institutions conference about relations between diasporas and home countries.

Their presentation, “Boise, Idaho: Connecting Academia, Boise and other diaspora communities, and the Basque Country” presented a multidisciplinary analysis, within the theoretical, historical, transnational, and cultural framework of diaspora studies by analyzing the distinctive elements of the Basque community in Boise, Idaho. The presentation examined the importance of academic service carried out through the Basque Studies minor and the Basque Global Collaborative programs at Boise State as a way of connecting the Basque diaspora to Boise, the Basque Country, and globally.