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Human Resources introduces new career development opportunities

Beginning December 2021, Human Resource Services will launch a new series of workshops, Get Ready for Opportunities at Work. These free development sessions are designed to assist employees in furthering their professional education, broadening their skill sets, and expanding their peer networks.

“People are our passion,” said Kip Spittle, senior engagement and culture specialist and facilitator of the program. “No matter where you’re at in your professional journey, Human Resources wants you to play an active role in creating your career trajectory.”

Workshop topics will rotate each month and will be conducted virtually to start, with in-person and virtual options available as needed in later months.

The initial schedule is as follows:

  • Dec. 9 and Jan. 11 (virtual): Skills Assessment – Finding Your passion
  • Jan. 25 and 27 (virtual): Public Speaking and Giving Presentations
  • Feb. 8 and 17 (virtual): Interview Techniques
  • March 16 and 24 (virtual): Resume Building

“One of the core components of our people strategy is prioritizing employee learning and development, with the belief that career development, culture, and collaboration are everyone’s responsibility,” said Catherine Weitz, associate vice president of human resources. “We are excited to launch this initiative as career development programs help improve employee retention and the overall health of an organization by increasing employee engagement and placing employees at the forefront of their career track.”

For more information or to sign up for a workshop, visit the Human Resources website.