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Idaho academic libraries announce new statewide organization

The library deans and directors of Boise State University, Idaho State University, Lewis Clark State College, and the University of Idaho are pleased to announce the formation of the Network of Idaho Academic Libraries, effective immediately.

“The network will provide opportunities for Idaho’s academic libraries to communicate and collaborate so that we can better serve not just our respective institutions, but all Idaho residents,” said Ben Hunter, dean of university libraries at the University of Idaho and chair of the network board of directors.

Formed in collaboration with the Idaho Commission for Libraries, the network is dedicated to strengthening collaborations between Idaho’s academic libraries to enhance the library services and resources offered by Idaho’s institutions of higher education. The network’s first initiative is a combined collection of digital libraries from across the state of Idaho and will be announced later this fall.

“The formation of the network will help build capacity for Idaho’s academic libraries and foster greater engagement,” State Librarian Stephanie Bailey-White said. “I look forward to working more closely with this group of dedicated professionals.”

The network’s founding members have begun to recruit other academic libraries from within the state to further expand the impact and reach of the organization.

“We are excited to be a part of the network. Being able to share ideas and learn from other library experts is tremendous. Idaho’s academic libraries have always been supportive of each other. The network, however, allows us to build upon these relationships and identify important collaborative initiatives that will benefit the entire state,” said Michelle Armstrong, interim dean of Albertsons Library.

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