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Human resources news: Incentive leave and new form for payroll issues

Idaho COVID-19 vaccine incentive leave

In accordance with state policy, all Boise State employees are eligible to claim four hours of COVID-19 paid administrative leave for receiving a full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or a booster shot. Incentive leave may be used for the appointment to receive the vaccine or booster shot, to recover after receiving the vaccine or booster shot, or as paid leave if an employee already has received the vaccine or booster shot.

Supervisors are encouraged to work with employees to allow them to utilize this incentive. Incentive leave cannot be taken until after receiving the full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and must be coded prior to Dec. 31, 2021.

Incentive leave codes have not been set up in Bronco Hub yet. To use this incentive leave, employees must email and include their name, employee ID number, the date they want to use the four hours of incentive leave, and the date(s) they received the vaccine(s) or booster shot.

New payroll form

To more effectively track and resolve issues, Human Resources’ payroll team has created a Google form to capture any paycheck errors or corrections employees may have. The form allows the team to quickly triage, investigate and respond to payroll issues and replaces the email.