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Kolasch to retire after 17 years of service

Lori Kolasch, a 1099 and foreign supplier specialist in Procurement and Vendor Services, will retire Nov. 27 after serving the university since 2004.

Kolasch began her career in accounts payable, which is now Procurement and Vendor Services, and has been involved with many projects that have helped the department move away from paper forms. As the university moved to new software systems, Kolasch played a part in making sure that everything would be transferred to the new systems correctly and identified areas where the new tools could be of the most benefit. She is also responsible for helping to transfer all of the department’s W-9 and W-8 forms to a secure, electronic format which cleared physical space and increased efficiency. Most recently, Kolasch has been a part of the team implementing PaymentWorks, which helps avoid fraud by verifying vendor and banking information and streamlines the vendor onboarding process for campus.

Kolasch is known by colleagues as an expert in 1099 reporting and the independent contractor process. With a passion for research, she has stayed up to date on all of the latest supplier regulations to provide the best solutions and service to campus.

University Financial Services has created a digital card for Kolasch. All are welcome to sign the card.