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COEN inducts largest student class to professional societies

Over two days, the Order of the Engineer and Pledge of the Computing Professional inducted 81 Boise State University College of Engineering students into the Boise State Chapters. Students from civil, electrical and computer, materials science, and mechanical engineering, as well as students from computer science, combined to make the largest induction ceremony in chapter history.

Students inducted to the Order of the Engineer and the Pledge of the Computing Professionals

The Order of the Engineer and Pledge of the Computing Professional are open to senior undergraduate students who are within one academic year of graduation or a graduate student in an Engineering Accreditation Commission or Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology accredited program.

“This is a rite-of-passage ceremony for COEN graduates which fosters professional pride, moral obligation, and ethical responsibility in students as they embark on their professional career,” said Lynn Olson, academic advising coordinator. “Education is their first accomplishment toward their professional career and this prepares them for the next step by promoting and recognizing the importance of ethical and moral behavior in graduates.” 

The Order of the Engineer has chapters, better known as links, across the country connecting engineering and computing professionals. The link first began in Idaho in 1973 combining the Idaho Society of Professional Engineers and the Boise State Pledge of the Computing Professional.

The state’s link was inactive until five years ago when Boise State and the College of Engineering reactivated Idaho’s link 58 in 2016. This was followed by Boise State establishing the first Idaho node in the Pledge of Computing Professionals in 2018.

Upon taking part in an induction ceremony, students take an oath acknowledging their commitment to honor and uphold their ethical and moral obligations as an engineer and computing professional. 

“We know there have been many changes in students’ lives that are out of their control and some have experienced financial difficulties,” said Diana Garza, assistant dean for Undergraduate Affairs. “This is a small token of our appreciation for our students and congratulations on their upcoming graduation.” 

This year, the College of Engineering covered fees for students wishing to join, helping increase the total number of students.

For more information about how to join the Order of the Engineer or Pledge of the Computing Professional contact Lynn Olson at

-By Jamie Fink