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December Human Resources updates

Below are a number of important updates from Human Resource Services for December and beyond.

COVID-19 paid administrative leave

The use of COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave for vaccination has been extended through Dec 31, 2021. Leave cannot be taken until after receiving the full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and must be coded prior to January 31, 2022

Employee analytics dashboard

The employee analytics dashboard presents data on employee demographics at Boise State University. This dashboard reflects employees that were active at the start of the month. Human Resources will refresh the dashboard with new data at the start of each month.

Employee Assistance Program resources

The holidays can feel different for everyone.  For some, it can be a fun and happy time full of excitement and celebration, while for others it can be a time of sorrow, loneliness and depression. If an employee is struggling withe mental health challenges the Employee Assistance Program is available to benefit-eligible employees and their eligible dependents.

The program is available to all benefit-eligible employees and their dependents regardless of whether they’re enrolled in Boise State’s health insurance plan. This allows employees and eligible dependents free counseling services available 24/7 by phone, email or online.

Payroll reminders

As a reminder, the last pay period of 2021 ends Dec. 11. Hours need to be entered for Nov. 28 – Dec. 11 by Thursday, Dec. 9, forecasting future hours worked, if necessary. Managers must approve time by Dec. 9 as well. The hours for this pay period will be paid Dec. 24.

Any corrections or missed hours for this time period will be processed on the first check in January 2022.

With more holidays on the horizon,  please note that Dec. 23, 24, 30 and 31 are paid holidays for benefit-eligible employees. These days will appear and be approved on time cards automatically.

Campus is closed the week of Dec. 27 and all benefit-eligible employees (except less-than-12-month faculty) must submit vacation leave for Dec. 27, 28 and 29. Supervisors do need to approve these entires.