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Basque public radio features Pulse Radio’s “Boiseko Taupada”

Euskal Telebista, the Basque public television station in the Basque Country, featured the Boise State Pulse Radio program “Boiseko Taupada (the Beat of Boise)” on Dec. 3 in celebration of the International Day of the Basque Language.

“Boiseko Taupada” programs traditional and contemporary Basque music of all genres, shares information about Basque culture and presents interviews with artists from the Basque Country.

Professors Ziortza Gandarias Beldarrain and Nerea Lete lead the music program that aims to build a bridge between the Basque community on campus, in Boise and with the rest of the world. During pre-pandemic years, students host “Boiseko Taupada” and get to practice their Basque language skills and music knowledge. Some even earned credit toward their Basque studies minor.