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Graduate student finds success through Stellar Engineering Students, Accelerated Masters Program

Luise Winslow decided one civil engineering degree from Boise State’s College of Engineering was not enough for her. Instead, at the fall 2021 commencement on Dec, 18, Winslow will graduate with her master’s of science in civil engineering, securing her second degree.

Luise Winslow
Luise Winslow will begin working for Bowen Collins & Associates following her graduation from Boise State.

After completing her undergraduate studies in 2020, Winslow wanted to learn more about specific areas of civil engineering before making the jump into the engineering industry. This curiosity led her to the College of Engineering’s Accelerated Masters and Stellar Engineering Students programs.

“Throughout my entire college education the College of Engineering and the civil engineering department have just been so supportive of my goals,” Winslow said. “From the guidance to join the accelerated program to the recommendation letters and scholarships, I’m very grateful for the support and opportunities I have had.”

Through programs and societies like Stellar Engineering Students Graduate Program Scholarship, Phi Sigma Rho, Chi Epsilon and the connection with faculty, Winslow built a greater sense of community within the College of Engineering.

Winslow served internships with Strata Inc., and Bowen Collins & Associates, and worked with Kevin Roche, assistant professor of civil engineering, and Anna Bergstrom, assistant professor of geosciences, on research projects building interest in water resources engineering.

“Luise has a love of her home and an aptitude for breaking down complex problems into manageable tasks,” said Roche, who was also Winslow’s advisor. “Seeing these qualities, I knew I could trust Luise to blaze her own path.”

Winslow’s thesis, “Water Quality Responses to a Semi-Arid Beaver Meadow in Boise, Idaho” compared two stream reaches in the Boise foothills with and without beaver dams to quantify the effects of beaver activity on hydrology and biogeochemistry function. This research leads to an understanding of how land-use change and beaver activity influence river morphology, hydrology, and water quantity and quality in the semi-arid watersheds of the Dry Creek area of the Boise foothills.

“She designed, scoped, and executed a new field project researching water quality in the Boise foothills,” Roche said. “Luise followed through on every facet of the project and she has laid the foundation for future students to continue advancing knowledge of how semi-arid watersheds function.”

After graduation, Winslow will work full-time as a water resource engineer-in-training for Bowen Collins & Associates. In that position, she will build her knowledge of design and construction management. Winslow said she is considering pursuing an engineering Ph.D. in the future.

For more information about the Stellar Engineering Students Graduate or the Accelerated Masters Program visit Civil Engineering Graduate Students.

-by Jamie Fink