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Policy updates through December 2021

Several new policies, policy revisions, and policy deletions were recently approved. Please contact Angie Zirschky or the responsible party listed in the policy with questions.

Approved Policy Revisions

Approval of Special Course or Program Fees (Policy 4200) – Policy revised under Section 6.e. – Procedures, allowing for course fee requests to be submitted and approved by the Provost outside the regular due dates of January 1 and September 1 for one semester for the following courses:

  • Courses numbered 97, 197, 297, 397, 497 and 597 Special Topics
  • Summer Field Trips

Additionally, the Special Course Fee Request form was changed from a paper form to an online form as also reflected under Section 6.

Facilities and Administration Cost Rates and Waiver or Partial Waiver of F&A Costs (Policy 6080) – Policy revised under Section 5.d. – Waiver or Partial Waiver of F&A Costs, adding that if a principal investigator (PI) submits a proposal without the appropriate University review and approval, and an award is made without adequate budget, the University may deny the award, or require the PI to provide a fund source to cover the waived F&A. In addition, non-substantive language updates were made throughout the policy.

Background Verifications (Policy 7005) – Policy revised under Section 3.6 adding a definition for Degree and Education Verification and License Check. The definition for Reference Check under Section 3.15 was deleted as well as all other language throughout the policy covering reference checks. Reference checks are currently required under University Policy 7630 (Recruitment and Hiring). Under Section 4.2 – Financial History Check, language was revised stating that financial history checks may be conducted for certain positions based on the position’s job duties and requirement for such a check. Under Section 4.3 – Driver’s License Record Check (DLR), added subsection b. requiring a DLR to be conducted on an employee who is assigned a University-owned, -leased, -loaned, or –controlled vehicle. Under Section 5 – Sensitive Positions or Sensitive Locations, the periodic background verification requirement of every five-years for employees in such positions was removed as there is no process currently in place for this. Employees with certain licenses requiring a periodic background verification are required to obtain a background verification to renew their license.

Family and Medical Leave (Policy 7230) – No changes were made in how the University currently processes and administers FMLA. Policy revised under Section 6 – Concurrent Use of Paid Leave, stating that an employee must use their approved FMLA leave concurrently with any accrued leave. Under Section 12.2 – Designation Notice, language was added in subsection b. requiring a “fitness for duty” certification. Under Section 13 – Returning from Leave, language was added requiring a return to work release or “fitness for duty” certification. Under Section 16 – Retaliation or Interference, language was added including a provision that the University will process complaints of FMLA retaliation or interference utilizing the investigatory process under University Policy 1060 (Non-discrimination and Anti-harassment).

University Signage (Policy 9100) – Policy revised under Section 4 – University Sign Committee, updating the University Sign Committee membership. Additionally, the procedural information was removed from the policy and other non-substantive language clean-up was made throughout the policy.

Security and Police Services Authority (Policy 12130) – Policy revised under Section 6.b. – Security and Event Management Authority, providing DPS with enforcement action authority to include monetary citations, vehicle immobilization, and/or removal from campus. Other non-substantive language clean-up was made throughout the policy.

Approved New Policies

Capital Projects and Space Management (Policy 9280) – New Policy developed that replaces Policy 9000 (Space Planning and Allocation) and 9170 (Capital Project Needs) combining them into one policy. The Capital Project Evaluation Committee and the Space Planning Committee membership have overlapped in the past, and this policy will combine the membership of these committees to create efficiencies and further the expertise amongst the members. This policy change initiated with those committee members requesting an adjustment. Additionally, the new combined policy is simplified and focused at a higher level allowing for procedures to be developed in support of the policy as necessary.

Approved Policy Deletions

Classified Employees Classification Schedule (Policy 7410) – Policy deleted. The policy no longer reflected a contemporary process for creating and revising Classified employee classifications.

Space Planning and Allocation (Policy 9000) – Policy deleted. Policy 9280 (Capital Projects and Space Management) replaces this policy.

Capital Project Needs (Policy 9170) – Policy deleted. Policy 9280 (Capital Projects and Space Management) replaces this policy.