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Idaho Department of Environmental Quality grant funds system to reduce food waste in campus dining hall

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality awarded a $73,200 grant to Boise State for the purchase of a food waste digester at Southfork Market dining hall.

The digester will allow the university to process uneaten food from the dining hall, diverting an estimated 24 tons of food annually from the landfill. The system will break down food waste into a liquid, which can then be discharged safely into the sewer system. Money from the grant will also be used to fund educational materials and waste stream separation stations in Southfork Market.

“We are so grateful to the DEQ for funding this opportunity to assist with our larger efforts to reduce waste generated on campus,” Kat Davis, Boise State sustainability director said. “This new system will complement the strategies we have deployed in recent years to reduce total food waste and divert food to those who need it.”