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Nominate an undergraduate researcher for showcase lightning talk

The 2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase (URS) will take place virtually on Friday, Apr. 22. In addition to poster sessions, the showcase will feature a plenary Lightning Talk session, spotlighting advanced undergraduate students’ research experiences.

Each Boise State faculty member is eligible to nominate one undergraduate student for this honor. The planning committee will select 15 students from across the university to present their work. A recording of the 2020 talks is available.

Nominated students should have some prior oral presentation experience (e.g. in-class presentations, departmental, college-wide, previous undergraduate research conferences, Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research, regional/national discipline-specific conferences). Selected students will receive coaching on slide design and their talk prior to their presentation.

Nominations are due Friday, Feb. 4, 2022 by completing this form.

Questions about the lightning talk nominations or the URS? Consult the showcase webpage or email: