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Cycle Learning Center manager reaches bicycle commuting milestone, begins new role

Gabe Finkelstein
Gabe Finkelstein has managed the Cycle Leaning Center for seven years.

The 10K Bicycle Commuter Club is open to all members of the campus community and seeks to motivate and celebrate those who commute to campus by bicycle, tracking progress toward the goal of pedaling 10,000 commute miles.

The Cycle Learning Center provides club members with free tune-ups, discounts on gear, and parking codes for days when it is necessary to drive to campus.

The newest member to reach the 10,000-mile milestone is Gabe Finkelstein, multi-modal program and education manager.

Finkelstein has managed the Cycle Learning Center for seven years and will take on a new role as the assistant director of transportation.

“Timing is everything,” he said. “It’s funny to hit my 10k of commuting the very week I pack up my office at the CLC. I loved every day of managing the shop and I’m fortunate that my new job will still oversee the bicycle program on campus.”

The Cycle Learning Center manager position is rigorous, but fun, and demands a broad skill set, Finkelstein said. “You’re working on bikes, managing college-age staff, building a bike advocacy network on and off-campus, teaching courses, and running a successful business. You wear a lot of different hats, for sure.”

The search for a new Cycle Learning Center manager will begin soon.

To learn more about the 10K Commuter Club or to sign up, email