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Reyna contributes chapter to forthcoming book on racism in America

Chandra V. Reyna, a Boise State alum and adjunct faculty member in the Department of Sociology, contributed a chapter to the forthcoming book Systemic Racism in America: Sociological Theory, Education Inequality, and Social Change. Reyna’s chapter is titled “Pursuing Racial Justice on Predominantly White Campuses: Divergent Institutional Responses to Racially Palatable and Racially Conscious Students.” The book was published by Routledge and will be released March 31.

The publisher’s website includes the following description:

“This volume assembles renowned and thought-provoking social scientists to address the destructive impacts of structural racism and the recent, incendiary incidents that have driven racial injustice and racial inequality to the fore of public discussion and debate. The book is organized into three parts to explore and explain the ways in which racism persists, permeates, and operates within our society. The first part presents theoretical perspectives to analyze the roots and manifestation of contemporary racism; the second concentrates on educational inequality and structural issues within our institutions of learning that have led to stark racial disparities; and the third and final section focuses on solutions to our current state and how people, regardless of their race, can advocate for racial equity.”

It also states: “Urgent and needed, Systemic Racism in America is valuable reading for students and scholars in the social sciences, as well as informed readers with an interest in racism and racial inequality and a passion to end it.”