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Sarin’s research cited in Sales Education Foundation Annual

Shikhar Sarin
Shikhar Sarin

Shikhar Sarin, professor of marketing, and his co-authors recently published “A measurement model of the dimensions and types of informal organizational control: An empirical test in a B2B sales context.” The paper explores the impact of informal ‘controls’ on a salesperson’s job satisfaction and performance. This paper was summarized in the 2022 Sales Education Foundation Annual’s article “Research grants continue to yield practical insights”. In citing the research, the annual said the authors “discovered that the largest influencers of a salesperson’s job satisfaction and performance were the rewards and punishments that were self-imposed or imposed by the sales force’s culture.” The Sales Education Foundation is the largest foundation sponsoring sales education in the United States.

Stacey Macek, BBA 2012

Sarin’s co-authors are Bernard J. Jaworski of Claremont Graduate University and Stacey L. Malek of Erasmus University in the Netherlands. Malek is a Boise State alum, receiving a bachelor’s of business administration in 2012 and has collaborated on projects with Sarin since her time as an undergraduate.