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Park wins national award for best article on women in public administration

Sanghee Park, associate professor of public policy and administration in the School of Public Service, won this year’s Rosemary O’Leary award for the best article on the topic of women in public administration. The award is judged on an article’s contribution to scholarship, excellence in writing and communication, scholarly innovation, and rigor.

Co-authored with School of Public Service Ph.D student Yesse Charles Mwihambi, Park’s paper Intergovernmental Representation at Different Levels of Government: The Effect of Gender Representation examined whether and where bureaucratic representation occurs within the bureaucratic hierarchy and how intergovernmental representation contributes to government efforts to reduce social disparities and improve gender-related outcomes. The paper was published in the October 6 edition of Public Administration Review.

Park and Mwihambi presented on their article at the April 20 conference of the International Research Society in Public Management.