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Burkhart quoted in article on Idaho’s gubernatorial race

Ross Burkhart, Professor of Political Science in the School of Public Service, was quoted in a Courthouse News article on Idaho’s gubernatorial race.

In “Two top Idaho officials driving heated race for governor”Burkhart notes Gov. Little triumphed in the 2018 GOP gubernatorial primary even though the race was filled with well-known, well-funded political heavyweights. “Governor Little does, indeed, have an intense month of work to do with an Idaho GOP that is increasingly fractionalized, a victim of its own electoral success as it has become a giant tent for the politically ambitious,” Burkart said. “However, the governor’s task may be a bit easier this time.”

Burkhart also stated that he did not anticipate the campaign of Ammon Bundy would receive much in the way of electoral support in the general election or that the Democratic party would produce a viable candidate. “The Democrats have not had a sniff of legislative power since 1990, or held executive power since 1994, or held any statewide elected office since 2006,” Burkhart said. “The party is in constant rebuilding mode and has not fielded candidates in many legislative districts this election campaign, and has just one contested primary for a statewide elective office (U.S. senator), unlike the Republicans.”