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Masarik publishes article on resiliency among resettling refugee youth

April Masarik

April Masarik, associate professor in the Department of Psychological Science, co-authored the paper “Stress and Resilience Among Resettling Refugee Youth: An Illustrative Review and New Applications for the Family Stress Model” in the Journal of Family Theory and Review.

“We know quite a lot about the stressors and traumas that refugees experience when circumstances force them to flee their homes and resettle in new communities, but much less about the factors that promote resilience during resettlement,” writes Masarik. The paper addresses this gap and offers a more holistic theoretical framework. The authors also ask pressing questions that require more attention from scholars and clinicians who work in resettlement, as well as policy-makers and the general public.

Masarik collaborated with Hailey Fritz, a Boise State psychology major, and Vanja Lazaravic, an associate professor at San Diego State University.

Visit the Wiley publishing website for a full-text, read-only copy of the article.