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Grant supports open education resources for French instructors in Idaho

The Boise State Center for Teaching and Learning recently awarded Mariah Devereux Herbeck and Amber Hoye, French open education resource curriculum project managers, a $5,000 Investments Needed For Undergraduate Success and Equity grant.

The grant will support Devereux Herbeck, Hoye and a team of area French instructors to redesign the French 102 course curriculum building on the materials they created for the French 101 course. The team plans to enhance an existing open educational research text and to create ancillary materials including videos, task-based activities and assessments. These materials will represent voices and perspectives to better reflect the experiences of students in Idaho and the representation of diverse regions of the francophone world.

The group plans to continue the curriculum redesign through the French 202 course. Once complete, they will publish the work as an open education resource available to French secondary and postsecondary educators to use in their language classrooms.

According to the Center for Teaching and Learning website, “The INFUSE program provides space and support for intentional and rigorous improvements to teaching and learning focused at the course level and to support an enhanced teaching culture by providing a structure to encourage meaningful collaborations and dialogue between faculty and more broadly within departments or the larger campus community.”