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#BelieveInBroncos: Ciera Partyka-Worley

Student at observatory
Ciera Partyka-Worley )seeking a physics degree with an astrophysics emphasis) at the observatory, for Focus/Boise State Magazine, photo by Priscilla Grover

First Friday Astronomy is a monthly lecture series hosted by the Department of Physics that brings experts from across the country to share their knowledge of the marvels of space with the campus and community. Topics include everything from time travel, to planetary discoveries, to NASA missions.

Physics student Ciera Partyka-Worley has helped organize the First Friday events since 2017.

“I made volunteering at First Friday Astronomy events a priority in my schedule because I’m passionate about sharing knowledge with the community,” Partyka-Worley said. “I can’t think of anything better than an awestruck crowd learning about my favorite stars for the first time. The First Friday Astronomy program creates a perfect environment for getting everyone excited about science and learning.”

Partyka-Worley, now a junior, is a member of the AstroTAC (Astronomers-in-Training Assisting the Community) team, a public outreach program funded by NASA. Team members are developing STEM programs for schools and promoting the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve.

The physics department recently reached its fundraising goal to buy a mobile planetarium. Thanks to donors, Boise State’s public outreach will include hosting stargazing experiences across the state.