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New York Times quotes Krutz on the effect of casinos on cities

Jonathan Krutz

The New York Times quotes College of Business and Economics Emeritus Professor Jonathan Krutz in a June 4 article, “If New York City Gets Las Vegas-Style Casinos, What Else Will It Get?”

“This is great money for government, but it’s not money from nowhere,’ Krutz said in the article. “It’s at the expense of people who get addicted to gambling.”

In a paper published this year that studied casinos in 39 states from 2002 to 2017, Krutz found that local economies with casinos did not experience faster growth in retail sales than those without casinos. He concluded that casinos did not typically attract new money, cannibalizing from existing businesses instead.

Krutz earned his Boise State doctorate in Public Policy and Administration this May after retiring from the Boise State Department of Marketing in 2021.