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Survey reveals continued concerns about Treasure Valley growth and housing

A new survey from the School of Public Service indicates that the pace of growth in the Treasure Valley continued to be a major concern for residents in 2021.

Authored by Matthew May, survey research director for the School of Public Service and Lantz McGinnis-Brown, research associate at the Idaho Policy Institute, the survey gathered responses from a geographically and demographically representative sample of Treasure Valley residents. Participants were questioned on issues related to growth ranging from affordable housing to taxation.

“With each passing year, the pace of growth has become more and more of a concern in the Treasure Valley, and that presents a challenge for local leaders and decision-makers in how best to respond to it,” May said. “Understanding the attitudes of residents on these issues – from housing to transportation to property taxes – can help inform that process.”

Key findings from the survey include:

  • A large majority of residents continue to feel the Treasure Valley is growing too fast, extending a trend over the past five years.
  • Housing remains a major concern, with a majority of respondents saying it is unlikely they would be able to find a similar home for the same price.
  • More residents favor increasing the supply of single and multi-family homes to help address housing issues.
  • A majority of residents feel that property taxes are too high.

For more information on the survey and its result, visit the School of Public Service webpage.