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Aug. 10: Work from home ergonomics webinar

Boise State’s Risk Management and Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability departments have partnered with the Idaho State Insurance Fund to offer employees a presentation about work-from-home ergonomics. The presentation is at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 10 and will be hosted on Zoom.

Representatives from the State Insurance Fund will address how to best set up a home or remote worksite to lower the risk of discomfort while working remotely.

“Too often, workers try to fit into the space and equipment they have, rather than adjusting the space to better fit themselves,” said Boise State’s Risk Manager, Kip McBean. “To avoid awkward postures and eventually repetitive strain injuries, we rely on occupational ergonomics to ‘fit the job to the worker’”.

The presentation will discuss how to use occupational ergonomics to design work systems, processes, tools, equipment and tasks that take into account variations in the size, shape, strength and capabilities of working people.  While the presentation is focussed on remote work stations, the principles discussed will apply to a traditional office setting as well.
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