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Short-term limits in place for future catering events

Boise State Dining and has announced limits to future catering events.

Boise State Dining is dedicated to serving confirmed catering clients during this time, and to restoring full and robust services to campus as soon as possible.

The full statement from Boise State Dining is below.

“We believe every event that happens on campus is important and should represent quality services and delicious food. We believe the community and connection built over sharing a meal is invaluable. Given the Treasure Valley’s ongoing staffing and supply chain challenges, Boise State Carved + Crafted Catering must adjust. Until further notice, please call us at (208) 426-2875 or email to initiate catering. This will allow our catering team to assist you in menu planning and help us maximize the resources available to support our campus.

Successful events include food, so if Boise State Carved + Crafted cannot fulfill your request, you can fill out the external catering request form. You’ll receive a response to your request within three business days.

Preplanning your event and catering is more important than ever. If Boise State Carved + Crafted cannot fulfill your request, and you’re approved to use an external caterer, you’ll need extra time to work with your approved vendor. Please keep in mind that vendors must meet risk requirements of Boise State and the State of Idaho, as demonstrated through a certificate of insurance.

Requests have the most likelihood of being successful with at least four weeks’ advance notice. Please start the process by calling Carved + Crafted at (208) 426-2875 or emailing us at”