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University Financial Services welcomes new controller

Jenny Fields has joined Boise State as the new controller in University Financial Services. Fields brings over a decade of experience in accounting to the role which oversees the Controller’s Office, coordinates delivery of Boise State’s quarterly and annual audited financial statements, and directs policy development in collaboration with campus partners.

Most recently, Fields served as the controller for the City of Meridian where she oversaw all functions and responsibilities of the city’s accounting division. She also has experience with city, federal and state regulations, generally accepted accounting principles, and business best practices.

Fields is also a Boise State alum, graduating in 2008 with a bachelor’s of business administration in accountancy.

“I am excited about serving my alma mater and the Blue Turf Thinking mentality we have on campus,” Fields said. “One of my goals, not only for our team in the Controller’s Office, but in every interaction is to have positive, supportive and authentic relationships. I really believe these are the foundational building blocks to anything and everything we want to achieve.”

“Jenny is a great addition to our campus and to the leadership team in finance and administration. I look forward to what she will bring in experience and it’s a bonus that she is an alum who is already devoted to Boise State,” said Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, Jo Ellen DiNucci.