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School of Nursing hosts local leaders for showcase

Earlier this month, legislators along with leaders from local businesses, healthcare organizations and the university toured the School of Nursing for a behind-the-scenes look at Boise State’s cutting-edge nursing education.

The school designed an immersive “Disneyland experience” to share its progress with the public.

Participants journeyed through space and time as the school identified past challenges that propelled it toward its present technology and curriculum. Each stop in the 12-station tour focused on significant advancements that combat Idaho’s nursing shortage.

One station demonstrated how the School of Nursing spearheads education in virtual healthcare and telehealth. Others showed the school’s self-care focus, a novel clinical model and the Simulation Center’s visually and technically impressive manikins.

As the school looks to the future, it hopes to expand educational access throughout the state with more remote learning options that would increase opportunities for rural Idahoans to join the ranks of skilled “Bronco Nurses.”

“I’m so proud of what the School of Nursing is doing because we want to give students a way to imagine themselves going back home and bringing their skills and talents there, so that they can serve the entire state and not just here in the metro area,” said Dr. Marlene Tromp, Boise State’s president. “That’s been one of the big focal points of the whole university.”