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The Center for the Study of Aging supports caregivers on campus, promotes student research

The Center for the Study of Aging, a center within the College of Health Sciences, engages with Boise State students from across disciplines in research, interventions and programs related to caregiving and caregiver support.

It’s estimated that more than 160,000 college students and 5.5 million young people ages 18 to 25 identify as caregivers in the U.S. This issue is appearing on campuses across the country, including Boise State. Reports of staff seeking caregiver support, students leaving programs due to caregiving duties and others struggling to meet class expectations have been brought to the center’s attention. In celebration of November Caregiver Month, the center is teaming up with local organizations to provide outreach and education on campus and to incorporate caregiver support into existing programs for Boise State faculty, staff and students.

Undergraduate and graduate students from the School of Public and Population Health have recently worked on the following projects:

How you can get involved

Identify the people in your life who might be caring for others and offer assistance or join the Center for the Study of Aging and its community partners on social media to spread the word during November Caregiver Month (@FamilyCaregiverNavigator and @IdahoCaregiverAlliance on Instagram; Idaho Caregiver Alliance on Facebook).

For questions or ways to get involved, contact Hanna Scheuffele, director of community partnerships for the Idaho Caregiver Alliance, at