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Kount hosts gaming party at Esports arena

Kount employees competing at Esports
Kount employees compete at the Boise State Esports battleground.

Kount, a digital fraud prevention company, and sponsor of Boise State Esports, held a company local area network, or LAN, event at the Boise State Esports arena. The event gave Kount employees and their families a chance to play games together in a unique environment.

Constantine Mavromichalis is the organizer for the Kount LAN party and also runs BoiseLAN. Mavromichalis said the choice to partner with Boise State University for the event was obvious.

“Having worked multiple times with Boise State’s Esports program already, it was a no brainer,” said Mavromichalis. “Their professionalism and organization is what drew me to partner with them to host a private event.”

Attendees participated in a wide variety of games held all around the arena, including Overwatch, Valorant, Smash and Mario Kart. Boise State players joined in for some impromptu casting of the local games being played.

The Kount LAN event was the result of over a month of planning from Mavromichalis. Altogether, the event was a success, Mavromichalis said and he plans to host more events like it in the future.

“I run BoiseLAN, which is a bring your own computer LAN party in Boise, and I am planning to partner with Boise State for future large LAN parties and private events as well,” he said.

-Story written by Jacob Palmer