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Fortune Magazine ranks Boise State Executive MBA program 15th in nation

Executive MBA students visit Hanoi, Vietnam (from left to right): Shannon Boroff, Elizabeth Herrick, Holly Davis, John Aguilera, Nicole Washington and Sara Robinson.

In its 2022-23 ranking of Executive MBA programs, Fortune Magazine has ranked Boise State’s program among the best in the nation, earning the 15th spot out of 55 top business schools nationwide.

This recognition places Boise State’s program among those from the best business schools in the United States, with Ivy League Cornell University’s Executive MBA placed at #17 and Columbia University’s at #18. Furthermore, Fortune’s list also highlights the strength of Boise State’s executive MBA program in the region, with the closest listed universities, Brigham Young University, University of Utah and University of Oregon, ranking #32, #38, and #41,  respectively.

“The Boise State Executive MBA’s #15 National ranking from Fortune Magazine affirms that this is one of the top programs in the nation and the top Executive MBA in the Northwest.” Said Mark Bannister, dean of the College of Business and Economics. “This fantastic program is designed to give successful, motivated people the ability to become tomorrow’s leaders in their organizations and their communities.”

To create the list, Fortune evaluated the top 55 EMBA programs in the nation and scored each school in three categories: “Program Score,” “Brand Score” and “Fortune 1,000 Score,” which were then used to create the overall rankings. As a result, half of each program’s overall score is a measure of its participants’ learning experience in their chosen Executive MBA. The final two scores reflect each university’s reputation among hiring managers, and the number of their MBA graduates who fill executive roles in Fortune 1,000 companies after graduation.

These scores align heavily with the values and philosophies that drive Boise State’s Executive MBA program, which seeks to create flexible, innovative leaders through a practical approach to executive education. Students are taught effective leadership through real-world scenarios and learning experiences.

“This validates what we’ve been doing from the beginning. We’re always trying to improve the program and its value to create great business leaders in our communities,” said Brian O’Morrow, senior director of MBA Programs for Working Professionals. “It’s a truly integrated and interdisciplinary program. Our faculty, leadership coaches, and students are always working together to share their knowledge in an open dialog that fosters a deeper understanding of business leadership.”

Read more about Boise State’s Executive MBA on the College of Business and Economics website.