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Trombone Choir invited to perform at international festival

Photo of 14 members of the Boise State Trombone Choir on a stage with trombones in their hands

The Boise State Trombone Choir will perform at the 2023 International Trombone Festival, the Department of Music announced. The festival takes place July 12-15, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to Director Sarah Paradis, the Trombone Choir represents the versatility, range and beautiful potential inherent in the instrument.

The International Trombone Festival occurs annually, with the location moving around the world. The festival features all things related to the instrument, pedagogy, repertoire and performance. According to their website, groups and artists invited to perform represent the pinnacle of trombone artistry and teaching. For more information, visit the International Trombone Festival website.