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Faculty member’s passion for health care reform culminates in new master’s program

Jenni Gudapati

Clinical Associate Professor Jenni Gudapati is attempting to tackle two large barriers in the design of the entirely new Master in Population and Health Systems Management degree at Boise State University. The program seeks to answer the call for reform in American healthcare and transition from traditional curriculum development and looks to partner with experts working in the fields of payment reformation and Value-Based Healthcare. The new program creates a partnership with the Healthcare Financial Management Association to provide the financial and industry knowledge needed to fill the education gap.

College of Health Sciences Dean Tim Dunnagan and Associate Dean Lutana Haan’s dedication to providing needed and quality education lit the path for Gudapati.

“The fact that Boise State is recognizing the need and stepping up is huge,” Gudapati said. “We’re doing this and moving the needle. What we’ve done at Boise State has not really been done before. It’s just been this really unique experience in higher education. I hope others can look and learn from this to partner and provide industry focused solution-providing degree programs.”

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