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Poetry performance ‘Witches of Yesterday, Witches of Today’ Feb. 1

Stylized text reads "Witch in Mourning, Bruixa de dol, Maria-Mercè Marçal"

To celebrate Creative Writing Professor Clyde Moneyhun’s forthcoming book of translated poems, “Witch in Mourning,” and the university’s production of “Afflicted: Daughters of Salem,” an evening of poetry performances is scheduled from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023 in the Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary, located in the Center for the Visual Arts. The event will feature actors from “Afflicted” reading and performing selected poetry from Moneyhun’s book within a digital installation created by artist and Boise State adjunct professor Erin Cunningham. The performance is also accompanied by an interactive exhibit about witchcraft lore in paintings and prints.

“Witch in Mourning” by Maria Mercè Marçal, one of the most celebrated 20th century Catalan poets, and translated from the Catalan by Moneyhun, represents a monumental achievement, as Marçal’s poems will appear in English for the first time.

Moneyhun teaches writing, rhetoric, and literary translation. The recipient of numerous grants and awards, Moneyhun also publishes creative work, most recently translations of contemporary European poetry. He has taught at the University of Delaware, Stanford University, and the Universitat d’Alacant in Spain.

Maria Mercè Marçal i Serra (1952–1998)–a poet, feminist, political activist, essayist, translator and critic–wrote the collection “Cau de llunes” (Den of Moons), which won the prestigious Carles Riba Prize for poetry in 1976. She also authored “Terra de Mai” (The Neverland), which captured the first description of lesbian love in Catalan literature. She died in Barcelona in 1998 at the age of 45.

Cunningham teaches art courses at Boise State university, where she earned her MFA in visual art in 2011. She created original paintings and artwork for the recent production of “Season of the Witch.” Posters featuring Cunningham’s designs will be available for purchase at the event.

“Afflicted: the Daughters of Salem,” written by Laurie Brooks, tells the story of the girls who brought the accusations that led to the Salem Witch Trials. This origin story explores not only the causes of the trials but also how girls raised in oppression negotiated alliances and power. The play will run in the Danny Peterson Theatre at the Morrison Center from January 27 – February 11. Tickets can be purchased on the Morrison Center website.