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Allen discusses U.S troop deployments in two publications

Michael Allen

Michael Allen, professor of political science in the School of Public Service, was quoted in two national publications on the subject of U.S. troop deployments.

“In a new era of global conflict, US troops are deployed in dozens of countries. Where are they — and why?” appeared in Grid. Discussing the big picture of why U.S. troops are deployed where they are, Allen noted that “the U.S. military’s role is multifaceted, globally. And it’s not always apparent why the U.S. has this number of troops in various places.”

Allen was also quoted in a Politifact piece on the complexities of U.S. withdrawal from involvement in the civil war in Yemen. In “U.S. is out of Afghanistan; involvement in Yemen is reduced but continues, “Allen said “there is a desire in Congress to extricate the U.S. from the conflict, and there is a reluctance by the administration to commit to such a resolution.”