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Collaboration between Boise State and College of Eastern Idaho provides affordable online cyber programs

In a joint effort to help meet Idaho’s workforce needs, Boise State University and College of Eastern Idaho have developed a new way for students to attain a bachelor’s degree in cyber security.

The affordable degree path links concurrent enrollment classes at eastern Idaho high schools, College of Eastern Idaho’s lower-division offerings, and Boise State’s courses in its online bachelor’s degree in cyber operations and resilience. Idaho Falls residents can stairstep their way to a bachelor’s degree in a highly sought-after field without leaving their community.

“Boise State University is proud to partner with the College of Eastern Idaho to expand educational opportunities for all Idahoans to earn in-demand degrees. With this program, graduates can achieve great success and give back to our state,” said Dr. Marlene Tromp, Boise State president. “Our expertise in cyber and this innovative partnership will help people gain valuable credentials with high earning potential — all without leaving home.”

Maximizing concurrent enrollment and community college credits within the degree makes this bachelor’s degree affordable — total cost is about $24,000 in tuition and fees, about 25-40 percent less than the cost of traditional university tuition and fees. By taking final coursework fully online through Boise State, eastern Idaho residents also are not faced with the added costs of relocating or leaving their jobs.

“College of Eastern Idaho is enthusiastic to provide our students with a pathway into a full bachelor’s degree in cyber security from Boise State,” College of Eastern Idaho President Rick Aman said. “This is a very efficient bachelor’s degree given that it is fully online and affordable in that more than half of the degree can be completed at a community college tuition rate. Our proximity to Idaho National Lab affords graduates who complete this degree wonderful opportunities in one of the most in demand careers in Idaho.”

The two schools have committed to exploring other affordable online pathways. Boise State has nearly 100 online degrees and certificates that can be completed anytime, anywhere. College of Eastern Idaho has 20 degree programs with available online classes and over 40 types of online classes in professional development such as apprenticeships, cybersecurity bootcamps, and administrative assistant courses to help meet the needs of the industry and their community.