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Boise State receives award for Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier work

Boise State University received a 2022 ORCID Community Award for Institutional Achievement. Similar honors were also presented to other notable universities, such as Johns Hopkins, Stanford and Harvard Medical School.

ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier. An ORCID iD is a free, unique 16-digit number assigned to anyone who participates in research, scholarship and innovation. It allows researchers to connect their professional information across various publications and platforms. Albertsons Library is being recognized for developing and managing an application to connect ORCID iDs with Boise State IDs

“Boise State is innovating alongside much larger institutions with a fraction of the resources and staff,” said Bill English, head of library computing and information systems. The library is currently developing a way to share their ORCID application project nationally for the benefit of smaller academic libraries.