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Ombuds Office expands services to all university staff

The Boise State Ombuds Office is a discreet and impartial space to discuss conflicts and offers assistance in finding or understanding university resources and policy. Now, thanks to a partnership with the Professional Staff Association and the Association of Classified Employees, the program has expanded so all employees can utilize the services of the ombuds.

The office is part of the International Ombuds Association and operates on the pillars of informality, confidentiality, impartiality and independence. In addition to these pillars, the ombuds team is certified and trained in conflict management and effective communication methods.

Employee privacy is a priority. All meetings are confidential and will not be formally documented or reported to Human Resources or to any other party (ombuds are required to report information if it is of an imminent threat to self or others).

Ombuds work to listen to the situation and analyze the problem from all angles.

This could mean:

  • Understanding university policies and procedures
  • Facilitating dialogue
  • Mediating disputes if requested
  • Exploring options to move forward

For help with resolving conflicts in the workplaces contact or visit their website.