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Excess supplies? Reduce and reuse with employee supply sharing site

Unused office supplies taking up space in your department? Need supplies but the budget is a bit tight? Take advantage of a Boise State resource for equipment and supply sharing across campus units.

Users can list excess items they would like to give away, trade or sell, or they can post a callout for an item they need. The resource is available for Boise State employees and is accessible via MyBoiseState. Employees can add a shortcut to the site in the resources panel by clicking “Edit my resources” and selecting “Admin Share Supply Portal.”

Employees with purchasing authority can check the list before ordering supplies they may not use often and help curb expenses across campus.

“This was created as a cost saving effort to repurpose excess office furniture, supplies, and what not that are on campus,” said Twyla Perkins, the original creator of the resource and a management assistant at the School of Nursing. “This should be considered before paying for storage of excess inventory that may never get used otherwise, and before scrapping excess office supplies like keyboard trays, mail sorter systems, hanging files or a surplus of sticky notes.”

For more information, contact Twyla Perkins at