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Hunt’s Biden reelection analysis featured in The Conversation

Professor of Political Science Charles Hunt’s article, “Biden’s dragging poll numbers won’t matter in 2024 if enough voters loathe his opponent even more,” was recently published in The Conversation. The piece explores the prospect of Biden’s reelection in 2024 and why political science predicts the outlook is better than one might imagine.

“Recent political science findings reveal that for most candidates, it’s more valuable to have an unpopular opponent than to be personally popular yourself,” Hunt said in the article. “This is a phenomenon called ‘negative partisanship,’ and it’s one of the key reasons why voters often feel like they’re constantly choosing between the lesser of two evils rather than the better of two goods.”

The article has over 60,000 views and was shared via other outlets, such as the front page of Reddit, where it has sparked over 2,700 thousand comments thus far.