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Brady and Taylor present on using marketing and communications to support students at national conference

Megan Brady, web analyst, and Erin Taylor, senior communications coordinator, from the Division of Extended Studies presented at the Technolutions Slate Summit, held in Nashville, Tennessee. Slate Summit is the annual conference for the information management system Slate and hosts more than 3,500 attendees.

Slate Summit presentation on stage
Erin Taylor and Megan Brady present at Slate Summit

Brady and Taylor co-presented with Lauren Krueger and Carrie Pratt from the University of Vermont on using Slate for marketing and communications to support students.

The session, “Communicating With Students From Start to Finish,” emphasized two areas of student support: comprehensive campaign planning for online programs, led by Boise State, and intentional collaboration and stakeholder buy-in, led by the University of Vermont.

Brady and Taylor shared how population segmentation, mailings and re-engagement campaigns in Slate work together with digital advertising and social media to successfully engage students for Boise State Online.

University of Vermont and Boise State staff present at Slate Summit
From left to right: Lauren Krueger, Carrie Pratt, Erin Taylor and Megan Brady